Biodata Anya Geraldine - Nur Amalina Hayati is an Indonesian Influencer, widely known as Anya Geraldine. Anya Geraldine is a Top influencer in Indonesia. Anya Geraldine start her career from Instagram. Start with Acting for couple films or Web Series. She also own some Raise Livestock such as Catfish and Ducks. Anya known have another business with many Influencer as Vapor, Restaurant, etc.

Anya Geraldine

Indonesian Influencer & Actress

These are Following Complete About Anya Geraldine :

In 2016, She won the first prize in the Ivory Model event. Anya Geraldine believe or Anya Geraldine Agama is a muslim. Since her controversial appearance, Anya has started to have a large following on social media, especially on Instagram and YouTube. Until this article was written, Anya had 4.6 million followers on Instagram and more than 500 thousand subscribers on YouTube. Not only the number of followers, the income from the two social media platforms is also fantastic. In 2019, She was recorded as being able to earn up to Rp 700 million in coffers. Apart from being a celebrity and YouTuber, Anya has also entered the world of acting.

Since her parent get Divorcement, She's be a great women. Anya Geraldine always fight and be the best actress or model. Caused of Anya Geraldine Zip

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